The Sprout Digital Incubator bridges the gap between concept and budget and is intended to assist SME’s in making development affordable.

We now invite potential clients to present their idea to our team, after which a group of specialized sales, financial and technical managers will do a regular cost estimate on the development.

The presentation would need to:

  • Includes a business presentation.

  • Explain the marketing strategy around the concept.

  • Indicate an expected ROI (return of investment).

  • Include an understanding of the wireframes of the project.

Once the estimate has been compiled, the Sprout team will in-turn present the costings to the client.

If the client approves the cost estimate, then the normal process follows where an proportionate payment of the invoice is payable before development commences with the remainder payable upon delivery of the final application OR other commercial terms are agreed to.

If the client does not approve the cost estimate, Sprout Digital Incubator will engage with the client and present a number of mutually beneficial options which will make the development costs affordable.


The digital space is an intangible galaxy of ingenious ideas. For an SME to outlay a large amount of capital, to get a product which cannot be touched is something that is both foreign and seemingly risky. By working with Sprout, we transfer a proportionate amount of that risk by investing in the product which we develop, with our clients. Through our values of integrity, honesty and excellence in all that we do, we only work with and invest in projects and products that we truly believe in.